Au Pair Extraordinaire

We at Au Pair Extraordinaire are dedicated to finding you the perfect au pair who is inspired to grow, love and develop your children to lead extraordinary lives. One who is congruent with your family’s personality, values and approach to raising your children.

Our vision is to facilitate an environment where parents allow themselves the permission to lead empowered, inspired career driven lives knowing that their children are being fully supported in the most capable of hands. We know that the time you do have with your children is precious, and the perfect au pair who is there as your daily support ensures that the valuable time you have with your little ones is uninterrupted and of the highest quality.

Au Pair Extraordinaire serves to operate with the utmost integrity, and guide our practice on international business ethics and codes of conduct. We have a strict set of minimum requirements before we even consider a candidate- a good candidate on paper does not necessarily mean they make the cut. We make an in-depth evaluation based on their experience, qualifications, authenticity, core values, goals and aspirations, and most of all – passion for growing and developing children.

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